The Everson Law Firm

 Established in 1916

At Everson, Whitney, Everson & Brehm, S.C., we have been representing clients facing a wide variety of legal issues for more than 100 years. Our firm was established in 1916 when our founding partners opened a law practice in Green Bay. Throughout the decades to follow, we have represented individuals, corporations and insurers as part of the Northeastern Wisconsin community. Our skilled team of legal professionals is ready to assist you.

Our History

The roots of Everson, Whitney, Everson & Brehm can be traced back to 1916, making it Green Bay’s oldest law firm.  John A. Kittel, a former teacher and Brown County Superintendent of Schools, graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School and returned to Green Bay to begin his practice. He drafted the original Articles of Incorporation for the Green Bay Packers (or, rather, Green Bay Football Corporation). John A. Kittel initially formed a partnership with Timothy Burke in 1916. E. L. (Bert) Everson joined the firm in 1923, and shortly thereafter John C. Whitney followed suit.


During World War II, the younger associates temporarily left the firm to serve their country.  Fortunately, Jane O’Melia had just graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School and began her historic career at the firm.  She remained with the firm for 30 years, practicing at a time when women attorneys were rare. At one point in her legal career, she was the only practicing female attorney in the 14th judicial circuit (composed of Brown, Door and Kewaunee counties).  Attorney O’Melia is also known for being the first woman to be elevated to partner at a law firm in Brown County.


James L. Everson, Bert Everson’s son, joined the firm in 1952. Nine years later, in 1961, Phillip R. Brehm joined the firm’s ranks. The founding attorneys of The Everson Law Firm were recognized by the public for their community involvement and dedication to providing their clients with the best legal services possible.


Since the firm’s inception over 100 years ago, the attorneys who make up The Everson Law Firm continue to be known for their community leadership, service, and commitment to legal profession.

Areas of Practice

Criminal Defense

We assist clients with a wide range of criminal law matters, including OWI and drunk driving charges, drug charges, disorderly conduct and domestic abuse, battery, property crimes, and a wide variety of other felony and misdemeanor charges.

Family Law

We assist clients with a wide range of family law matters, including divorce, child support, child custody, spousal maintenance, alimony, property division, temporary restraining orders, adoption and paternity testing.

Civil Litigation

We represent insurers, individuals and corporations in a wide variety of civil matters such as personal injury, products liability, professional malpractice, insurance coverage and bad faith.

I was very pleased with the support I received from the Everson Law Firm, Heather Nelson was very well prepared to handle my case and did an excellent job interacting with a very challenging prosecuting attorney. She also did an excellent job in both representing me and counseling me in a very stressful and challenging deposition.

Heather’s hard work, excellent preparation, and attention to detail led to a resolution in my favor. I would highly recommend Heather and her firm to anyone in need of legal representation.

( J.R.M. )