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How to Choose a Family Law Attorney

How to Choose a Family Law Attorney

For most, family is a top priority and a main motivator for all we do. With the love, joy, and cherished memories family may bring, there will also be struggles, change, and disputes some of which may require legal attention.

Whether it’s drawing up a prenup, working out an adoption or handling a divorce, family law matters can get the best of our emotions and make already complex systems even tougher to comprehend.

When tensions run high or emotions rub raw, a family law attorney can help keep the peace, navigate the process, and advocate for an outcome that best suits your family and situation. Here’s what you need to know when choosing a family law attorney.

What is Family Law?

Family law is the area of law that involves family-related issues and domestic relations, such as marriage, marital property, child custody, and divorce. While some may use ‘family law’ and ‘divorce law’ interchangeably, divorce law is actually only one small piece of the much broader area of practice.

Family Law Expertise

A vast array of situations and legal needs exist within family law, and not every case will look the same. When searching for an attorney, look for experts who have experience working with situations similar to yours. The family law attorneys at Everson Law Firm are well equipped to assist in any and all family law matters, including:

  • Legal separation

  • Divorce

  • Child custody

  • Child support

  • Marriage property division

  • Spousal support and more.

A more extensive list of our family law attorneys’ areas of expertise is available on the family law page. Our attorneys are also qualified to serve as Guardians ad Litem for Brown County, representing the interests of children in a variety of judicial proceedings. You can learn more about Guardians ad Litem in a dedicated blog post on the topic.

Communicate Your Goals

Your attorney will be your most valuable partner and advocate throughout the legal process. Expressing your goals and expectations immediately will help you find the best fit for representation - someone who believes in your goals and will support you in your journey to achieve them. Take some time to talk with a potential attorney and see how your attitudes align.

Ask Questions

The intricacies of family law can be complicated, and it is crucial to understand the process to ensure the best outcome for you and your family. A good lawyer will not only have an expert grasp on family law, but will also have the ability to explain complex aspects of a case to a client in a way they can understand.

Consider Emotional Needs

Proceedings involving families and children can be especially sensitive and overwhelming, and the information you need to share with your attorney may feel quite personal. Finding an attorney that makes you feel comfortable and respects your emotions can make a notable difference and provide some relief during a difficult time. At Everson Law Firm, our attorneys lead with compassion and care to make the legal process as easy as possible.

Schedule an appointment

Hiring a family law attorney can give you much needed peace of mind while navigating a complicated process and preparing for major change for you and your family. Attorneys John H. Heide, Leah P. Derusha, and Raeann Kramer at Everson Law Firm have the experience, compassion, and determination to work toward the outcome you and your family deserve. Contact us to set up an appointment and learn more.


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