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Welcome to our Legal Blog

Welcome to the official Everson, Whitney, Everson & Brehm, S.C. legal blog. We offer it as an informational resource for you, our clients and potential clients, to keep you informed on important, and sometimes just interesting, developments in the law.

If there is one thing that never changes about the law, it is that the law is always changing. While some aspects of the law seem to remain constant over time, the subtleties and nuances are in a near constant state of flux. Criminal Defense, Family Law and Civil Litigation are all affected by these changes. The law is really a complex combination of legislation, court rules and case law.

Legislation is primarily made up of statutes, local ordinances and code. These pieces of the formal law are written and voted on by elected officials like state representatives, state senators, county and city officials and even federal representatives and senators. These laws are constantly being created, modified, repealed and replaced.

Court rules govern how the courts handle a case internally, i.e. deadlines for filing, fees for filing, scheduling, how and when defenses can be presented, court etiquette and things of that nature. They are crucial to know and understand in any case.

Case law is perhaps the most complicated aspect of the law. Courts across Wisconsin and the rest of the country decide thousands of cases every day. These new decisions affect how other courts will decide new cases. For example, the Supreme Court of the United States in Washington D.C. may make a decision on how to interpret the Constitution that affects how a state court in Brown County, Wisconsin, is required to make decisions.

While this blog is by no means legal advice, and never a substitute for consulting a lawyer about your case, what we plan to do is post interesting and important information about the turbulent tides of the law.


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