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Receiving Reliable Legal Advice: Your Guide to Legal Conversations

Legal Advice

When confronting high-stakes legal matters, some may feel more comfortable confiding in close friends or family before speaking to an attorney. However, only licensed attorneys are qualified and ethically bound to provide reliable legal counsel. Suggestions from trusted confidants, while often well-meaning, usually oversimplify complex processes, and ultimately muddle and confuse. Friends and family are also inherently biased sources. They will almost always give you the benefit of a doubt, and try to make you feel better about a given legal situation which may lead to a negative outcome. Once you've secured legal counsel, you can discuss your situation with loved ones through the prudent and experienced lens an attorney can provide.

But not every attorney can provide the best legal advice and guidance for your situation. This guide will explore how to gauge your potential attorney’s trustworthiness within proper legal parameters while respecting privacy.

Seeking legal counsel often arises during emotionally charged or stressful times - from criminal charges and custody battles to drawing up wills and estate planning. When situations involve your freedoms, family or finances, you need an advisor who earns your trust through compassion, discretion and expertise.

Determine if an Attorney is the Right Fit

An attorney's primary asset is their reputation. This asset is comparable to a fortress, built over years and years with each brick representing a sensitive client interaction. Its foundation consists of the legal concept of Attorney-Client Privilege. So when you’re deciding upon an attorney to represent you, the question becomes, “How do I determine if an attorney is the right fit?” Of course, there is no measuring stick to estimate comfort around an attorney, but the best attorneys do exhibit certain hallmarks, including:

  • Treating every client with equal respect, regardless of standing;

  • Avoiding hasty judgments before understanding the full picture;

  • Standing by one's word and commitments; and

  • Wording complex ideas understandably and never letting their client leave the office confused.

Remember that it is in your and the attorney’s best interest to set a foundation of trust from the beginning of your relationship. Don't be afraid to probe further or even walk away if something feels off.

The Everson Reputation - Over a Century of Integrity

At The Everson Law Firm, generations of attorneys have acted as trusted advisors to Wisconsin residents. A law firm only survives from 1916 to the present day for one reason—serving every client, regardless of their situation, notoriety or net worth, with the same unwavering loyalty and discretion.

Contact an attorney at The Everson Law Firm today and move forward with confidence, knowing that you’ve got an ally in your corner that comes from a line of high-integrity attorneys spanning over 100 years.


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